What I have:

  1. gnome 3.12
  2. the Faence theme, http://tiheum.deviantart.com/art/GTK3-Gnome-Shell-Faience-255097456

Current issue:

The faence theme "only" supports gnome 3.10, I don't want to downgrade to gnome 3.10. As can be seen in the below image, the buttons on gtk popup windows and the buttons in nautilus are not rendering correctly: http://i.imgur.com/VjAIWuW.png

What I want to do:

I do not want to downgrade to gnome 3.10. I just want to edit this theme but the task seems daunting. I know that it is stored in ~/.themes but tracking this bug down does not seem very productive. Does anyone have any idea where start looking in order to edit/fix these render issues on the buttons?


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