I'm trying to use lein release (default, not the plugin).

Now, I've installed gpg-agent and pinentry-curses, and gotten to the point where a separate curses screen appears, asking me for my secret key. However, the screen does not respond to my key inputs and just hangs there. I have to interrupt (Ctrl-c) the dialog to get back keyboard responsiveness. Now, I've been following these guides, but haven't been able to solve this problem yet. Any insights?

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It's a problem specifically on OS/X and leiningen's ability to read from stdin after forking.

The user workaround is to use gpg-agent (best to install using Homebrew brew install gpg-agent) and enter the passphrase prior to executing leiningen with commands that require GPG interaction (e.g. lein vcs tag which is used by lein release by default)

A github issue that tracks it is 1674.


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