I have to copy files between 2 servers using rsync (the network is slow). Can mirroring/ FXP with lftp be used here? Also there will be a continuous flow of files in the source directory & the delta files also need to be copied to the destination directory.

Source hostname: ftprepo.armt.com.my, port 23,path: /, user id & password
Destination hostname:, port: NA, path: /tmp, user id & password

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    I am assuming that with delta files you mean that there are changed files?
    – Anthon
    Aug 27, 2014 at 7:45

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The short answer is yes, you can use lftp.

But since it looks like you are backing up a running system, which will include changed (log-)files, you are IMHO better of sticking with rsync, which handles changed files by sending (compressed) deltas, not by uploading complete new files.

You can use a script that repeatedly runs rsync. The first rsync will take long time (determined by the network speed and size of the source), the second and following runs much less time as only changed, added information is being sent. lftp will unlikely be significantly faster on the first "transfer" and slower on the following ones.

You might also want to look at rdiff-backup, which usses the rsync protocol underneath, but also can preserve deltas to roll-back to previous states (at the cost of extra disc space on the destination host).

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