Usually people want to VGA-passthrough their IGP, and there are a lot of documentation out there. However I don't want my IGP passed-through to the domU as it serves my dom0, only my secondary card (Multi-OS NVidia).

Currently everything is working fine with gfx_passthrough=1, except that when the domU takes control of the IGP it messes dom0's X server up (I cannot/don't know how to relaunch it, save for rebooting). It does not happen with gfx_passthrough=0 (but then the secondary card does not work).

Would someone please be so kind as to point where I can find information regarding such matters? Need I somehow explicitly forbid the IGP device with VGA passthrough, contrary to PCI passthrough?

My running configuration:

  • Dell PET620 server
  • Xen4.4 with Ubuntu Server 14.04 as dom0 (stock kernels and all)
  • domU (HVM) : Win7 / Mint17
  • IGP : Matrox something, 16M RAM
  • PCI card : NVidia Quadro K4000


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