On some systems (Midnight Commander, Midnight Commander 4.8.3) the MC shows the full path of the opened file in the internal editor and on other systems (Midnight Commander, Midnight Commander 4.6.2-pre1) not. For example if you open /home/user/examplefilename.log, you will see "File: examplef~ame.log" instead of "/home/user/examplefilename.log" in the title row. Is this just version dependend or is it a preference? I can't find any option or documention how to change it to show the full path.

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It's not a preference, but something that Midnight Commander decides based on how long the filename is, and how much space is available. You can see this in info.c:

 138     /* Print only lines which fit */
 140     if (i18n_adjust == 0)
 141     {
 142         /* This printf pattern string is used as a reference for size */
 143         file_label = _("File: %s");
 144         i18n_adjust = str_term_width1 (file_label) + 2;
 145     }

and later (the part that makes a shortened name with ~):

 264     case 3:
 265         {
 266             const char *fname;
 268             widget_move (w, 3, 2);
 269             fname = current_panel->dir.list[current_panel->selected].fname;
 270             str_printf (buff, file_label, str_trunc (fname, w->cols - i18n_adjust));
 271             tty_print_string (buff->str);
 272         }

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