We are trying to integrate a touch panel to our Debian system.

Touch driver (General touch)

I am trying to run this application in Linux service.Below are the steps which i followed

Driver installtion

cp -rf Gentouch_S/ /usr/local/Gentouch_S/
cp -f 10-evdev.conf /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf
cp -f 69-gentouch.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/69-gentouch.rules

Setting touch in service

 cp genTouchService /etc/init.d/genTouchSevice
 chmod 755 /etc/init.d/genTouchSevice
 update-rc.d genTouchSevice defaults

Script details for :/etc/init.d/genTouchSevice

#! /bin/sh
# /etc/init.d/genTouchSevice
# Carry out specific functions when asked to by the system
case "$1" in
    logger "Gentouch module started by service"
    /usr/local/Gentouch_S/GT_service start
    logger "Gentouch module stopped by service"
    /usr/local/Gentouch_S/GT_service stop
    logger "Gentouch module restarted by service"
    /usr/local/Gentouch_S/GT_service restart

    echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/genTouchSevice {start|stop|restart}"
    exit 1

exit 0

On doing this, I was pretty sure that the application started via service during boot up. verified by log(2014 Aug 20 00:58:24::logger:: Gentouch module started by service)

Even though the service started, When i touch my screen i dont see any touch events (No movement in pointer position too)

So, Just tried restarting touch driver in below scenarios:

1 . service genTouchSevice restart

No effeci, Still there was no touch event detection

2./usr/local/Gentouch_S/ST_service restart

My application was able to sense the touch events.

What is the error.Unable to find it

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