Is there a way to monitor the current status of my sFTP process from my Debian server?

I'm looking from something similar to top or netstat that will give me the status/progress of activities (uploads, downloads) to my OpenSSH-based sFTP server.

Other bits that might be of use: I'll be looking at the results using a SSH session on the server. There is only one sFTP enabled user.

  • You can use ntop (on Debian) to look at network throughput. But it won't show you individual sFTP sessions the way you mention. – EightBitTony Jun 17 '11 at 23:04

You can use the iptraf in order to give you real time information.

It will give you following information per port number (in your case, the default port would be 22): # of packets, # of bytes, #of packets From/To, #of bytes From/to.

It won't show you individual sFTP sessions though.

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