I'm using Linux Mint 17 with the Cinnamon desktop environment and I want to quickly toggle between left-handed and right-handed settings for the mouse by using a keyboard shortcut.

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My solution is based on the solution for ubuntu given here. I'm answering my own question for the Cinnamon case as a service to those who face the same problem in the future. You're welcome!

The code samples given below are meant to be cut&pasted to the terminal. If root access is needed, sudo is used as part of the command.

First, create a script file that toggles the setting:

sudo tee /usr/local/bin/mouse_handedness_toggle <<'EOF'


current_setting=$(gsettings get $gsettings_key left-handed)
if [[ "$current_setting" == "true" ]]; then
gsettings set $gsettings_key left-handed "$new_setting"

Change the permissions of the file, so it can be run.

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/mouse_handedness_toggle

Test that it works by running the script from the command line:


If it works, go to Menu => System Settings => Keyboard => Keyboard Shortcuts => Add Custom Shortcut, and set Name as e.g. "Toggle left handed mouse" and Command to /usr/local/bin/mouse_handedness_toggle. Finally assign a keyboard binding to the newly created custom shortcut, and you're done!

With small modifications, this approach can be used to change any setting in Cinnamon with a keyboard shortcut. There are gsettings commands for listing the keys that are used and their values, see the man page.

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