I'm having difficulties with creating a custom keyboard shortcut. I'm trying to lock my screen using i3lock with a picture.

From the terminal, the command

i3lock -i ~/Pictures/lock.png

works like charm.

When I go System Settings -> Keyboard -> Custom Shortcut what do I write into the Command line?

I've tried:

gnome-terminal -e "i3lock -i ~/Pictures/lock.png"

but it doesn't work.

  • Does using the same command used in the terminal not work? – HalosGhost Aug 16 '14 at 15:16

Okay, so I managed to solve it - maybe it's not the most elegant way but it works and it's good enough.

First I wrote a small script:

#!/bin/sh i3lock -i ~/Pictures/lock.png

Saved it (e.g. .locker) to the HOME address, then I ran "chmod +x .locker" so I could execute it and at the Custom Shortcuts to the Command line I wrote ./.locker

Choose an arbitrary shortcut for it (mine is SUPER+L).


Another way to solve this is in your i3 config (probably at ~/.i3/config) do something like :

bindsym Control+mod1+l exec i3lock -i ~/Pictures/lock.png


bindsym Control+mod1+l exec ~/.i3/scripts/locker

And remove any gnome shortcut that mirrors what you want to use. Obviously, the shortcut can be specified as wanted.

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