Initially, my MANPATH environment variable is not set. Despite this, I can use the man command to view most man pages as usual.

man top can't find that particular man page, but which man tells me the command is in /opt/sfw/bin.

There are man pages for top and other commands in /opt/sfw/man.

I set export MANPATH=/opt/sfw/man and I can now see the man page with man top. However man can no longer find pages for bash, cp or any other standard command.

How can I add this one directory to the list used to find man pages?

I'm using SunOS 5.10 and bash 3.0.16, if it matters.

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Solaris 10's default MANPATH is /usr/share/man. You can add values to it:


See the man page for more information.

Solaris 11's default MANPATH is derived from PATH, so you wouldn't need to set the environment variable.

  • Thanks. Just note that you then need to export MANPATH before it works.
    – rojomoke
    Aug 18, 2014 at 8:22

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