Using Gtk+ 2, I could use the gtk-icon-sizes option like this:

gtk-icon-sizes = panel-menu=32,32:panel=32,32:gtk-menu=32,32:gtk-large-toolbar=64,64:gtk-small-toolbar=48,48:gtk-button=32,32

gtk-icon-sizes was deprecated and removed in Gtk+ 3.

How do I change icon sizes in Gtk+ 3?


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It's not great news for you, but from the Arch Linux forum, it seems gtk dev have decided to take it out and not replace it:

GTK+ 3.10 intentionally doesn't pay attention to "gtk-icon-sizes" because the current developers want it to have less "obscure" options like this. I have talked with them about it on IRC and unfortunately they aren't likely to change their minds.

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