I'm learning about Linux scheduling commands including at, cron, sleep etc. I'm trying to launch gedit after x minutes via the at command. This is what I have:

kedar@i5 ~ $ at now + 1 minute
at now + 1 minute
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
at> ./s.sh
at> <EOT>
job 18 at Fri Aug 15 13:21:00 2014

The contents of s.sh (-rwxr--r--):

#set $DISPLAY=:0
echo "Created on" `date` >t.txt
gedit #(also tried /usr/bin/gedit and `gedit` and systen(/usr/bin/gedit))

After 1 minute, t.txt is created with the expected contents. However, gedit is not launched. For that matter, none of my programs(firefox,xcalc,xfce4-terminal etc) can be launched this way via at.

Strange thing is, when I run ./s.sh in bash, gedit opens up fine.

Also I tried running at (from a file - if this is at all correct) as:

kedar@i5 ~ $ at now + 1 minute -f ./s.sh

I guess there's something wrong with the way I'm using at with the shell script. Also can't I use at without a shell script? Thanks.


You need to set the display variable, but this is done as:

export DISPLAY=":0"

and then

at now + 1 minute -f test.sh

works for me on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

  • Running xhost+ outputs: access control disabled, clients can connect from any host. Tried uncommenting the display var, still no go. – black_stallion Aug 15 '14 at 8:18
  • Totally! That worked! export DISPLAY=":0" is apparently not the same as set $DISPLAY=:0. I have a lot to learn.. Thanks a bunch! – black_stallion Aug 15 '14 at 8:34

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