I would like to run a POP3 server with TLS transport security such that a client must authenticate with a client certificate. (This shields the server from brute force password guessing attacks.)

How can I configure kmail2 (KDE 4.12.5) accordingly? There is no obvious (to me) configuration setting for client certificates.

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If I understand your request I do not think this capability is currently supported by kmail2. At least that's the look of things according to these 2 tickets in the project's issue tracker.

It does support the following things:

  • Supports the standard mail protocols IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Supports plain text and secure logins, using SSL and TLS
  • Native support for inline OpenPGP, PGP/MIME, and S/MIME

These bullets are right from the main website:

  • I'm afraid you're right. KDE 4 as a whole fails to deal with client certificates. Too bad... Aug 27, 2014 at 23:58

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