I have three folders under the Test folder.

Test ----> dir1, dir2, dir3

Under dir1,dir2 and dir3, I have lot of files. I want to tar only the files not the dir1, dir2 and dir3.


In Test:

pax -w's|.*/||' dir[1-3]/* | xz > file.tar.xz

would archive the files without their path components.

Note that the dir[1-3]/* would omit hidden files. For symlinks, the -s would also rewrite the symlink targets.

If you only want the regular files in there, and assuming none of your file names contain newline characters, you could do:

find dir[1-3] -type f | pax -ws'|.*/||' | xz > file.tar.xz

If the file names may contain newline characters, on some systems, you could write:

find dir[1-3] -type f -print0 | pax -w0s'|.*/||' | xz > file.tar.xz

While find and pax are standard commands, -print0 and -0 are not so YMMV.

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