I want to install the Kali penetration testing software on a DVD or a CD as a LiveDVD / LiveCD. Google turned up results on installation for a Usb and hard drive / disk installation, but nothing for LiveCD/DVD. One site said that LiveDVD installation isn't suggested for Kali, because of installation problems.

Will installing Kali on a DVD or CD give me anything serious to worry about? What about installing the image on a DVD / CD and booting from that (not sure of that's similar or different from LiveCD/DVD)? And if I do install it, what problems will it give me?


I can confirm that the official ISO you can download from the website are indeed Live-DVD iso (except for the minimal ones, which only allow installing).

If you aren't satisfied, the official documentation covers how to build your own customized image

By the way they also suggest beginner linux users against using kali, which is supposed to be targeted at professional penetration testers.

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