I am working on SVN. Actually I created 3 projects under the same repository.

Now I created 2 new repositories. Actually I want to move the existing two projects into these repositories.

I installed Subversion on Ubuntu 12.04.


Picking out individual projects in the repo needs two steps and could be difficult if you have a strange repo structure. If you are just moving all the projects into another repo then I would do this:

svnadmin dump path/to/oldrepo > myrepos.dump

You then load then into the new repo with:

svnadmin load path/to/newrepo < myrepos.dump

If you do want to pick out the individual repos then svndumpfilter can be used on the resultant myrepos.dump file:

cat myrepos.dump |svndumpfilter include name_of_project > name_of_project.dump

You then load the individual project dumps like listed above with the svnadmin load command.

If you don't want history then the easiest is to just use svn export to pull the projects you want then svn add them the new repository.

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