Is there a way to rip an audio CD to an ISO9660 file? I've tried simple things like dd in the past and it hasn't worked. I'd like to essentially have a mirror image of exactly what's on the disk, not even necessarily a folder of WAV files.

I do understand that I could rip the CD to WAV files or even FLAC files, but is there a way to just duplicate the disc to one file, so I could extract WAVs or FLACs from it later on? The idea is to be able to make a virtually identical copy of the source media.

  • What was wrong with dd? How about cat? – boehj Jun 13 '11 at 2:11
  • dd gave me errors. I don't have a CD on hand right now to demonstrate. – Naftuli Kay Jun 13 '11 at 5:46

An audio CD doesn't contain a filesystem at all. The format is defined as a particular stream of bits directly representing sounds. This is unlike DVDs, where a video DVD is a DVD with a UDF filesystem with a particular structure.

The classical CD burning suite, cdrecord, includes cdda2wav to rip an audio CD to a WAV file, and cdrecord -audio to burn a WAV file to an audio CD. Another tool for CD ripping is cdparanoia; it tries very hard to be as faithful as possible to the audio data. Many CD burning GUIs have a button or menu entry to rip, burn or copy audio CDs.

  • Thanks, I was unsure as to how data was stored on an audio CD. – Naftuli Kay Jun 12 '11 at 23:22
  • cdparanoia was created as a patch on a cdda2wav version from 1997 and cdparanoia is mostly unmaintained since nearly 15 years now. cdda2wav added the paranoia code from cdparanoia in 2002. Since then, many code enhancements have been introduced in the libparanoia that us used by cdda2wav. Today, the best choice for Ripping seems to be cdda2wav. – schily Oct 20 '15 at 16:41

If you want an image file of an audio CD, you can use readcd/readom in TOC mode. It will output a .toc and a .bin files that you can use to burn identical copies in other optical media. The .toc file can be converted to .cue format with toc2cue and obtain a .cue file that is compatible with software available for other operating systems (and can be read by applications like cdrecord/wodim, braseo and k3b).

  • Any chance of bundling it into a single file, other than tarring or zipping it? – Naftuli Kay Jun 13 '11 at 18:30
  • Just curious, what about copy protection on CDs (if it exists) or DVDs? – TheLQ Jun 18 '11 at 5:37

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