I am trying to write a script that will:

  1. Copy files to a server (I already have a script copy.sh that does this task)
  2. ssh to that server
  3. cd to the directory where the files I just copied are
  4. run make
  5. copy the resulting binary from make to another location.

My script looks like this:


#run my script that copies the files

#TARGET is also a var in copy.sh so I make sure it's set properly here

ssh $BUILDSERV "cd $BUILDDIR && make && scp ./my_bin $TARGET"

The issue is that a program I want to run as part of make is not in my PATH. My .bash_profile has a export PATH=$PATH:/my/bin/ line, but it seems that bash_profile is not being read when I ssh in.

Is there a way to change my ssh invocation or script in general to make it read my .bash_profile?

  • Have you considered using a forced command? Commented Aug 6, 2014 at 16:43

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The following should work:

ssh $BUILDSERV "source ~/.bash_profile && cd $BUILDDIR && make && scp ./my_bin $TARGET"

The source shell builtin reads a file and executed the commands in the same shell (unlike simply calling the script, which invokes a separate shell).

When invoked as login shell, bash executes the .bash_profile, if it exists, in exactly the same way as source does, therefore the effect will be the same.


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