I have a line as below in a html file,

shahar.push(['remoteUrl', 'staging.zazzercode.com']);

Depending upon environment, I want to replace the remoteUrl value with sed command.


shahar.push(['remoteUrl', 'staging.zazzercode.com']);
shahar.push(['remoteUrl', 'production.zazzercode.com']);

I used

sed -i '/remoteUrl/c\shahar.push(['remoteUrl','staging.zazzercode.com']);' predict.html

It works but removing single quotes over 'remoteUrl' and 'staging.zazzercode.com' causing html error.

shahar.push([remoteUrl, staging.zazzercode.com]);

So to be safe, I want to change sed command just to change the value between two single quotes after , in a line with remoteUrl.

Or I want other sed options than What I knew to replace whole line but with single quotes.


The problem is that bash is processing your command line before sed gets a hold of it. In this case, the solutions is to change the outer quotes to double-quotes:

sed -i "/remoteUrl/c\shahar.push(['remoteUrl','staging.zazzercode.com']);" predict.html

The issue was that bash performs quote removal before passing the command to sed. In bash's eyes, your original command was a series of single-quoted strings and bash removed all the quotes. In the version above, bash sees a single double-quoted string. While bash removes those double-quotes before passing the string to sed, it leaves the inner single-quotes alone.

  • true, I fixed that :) – prayagupd Aug 4 '14 at 19:18

So, to be safe, I want to change the sed command just to change the value between two single quotes after a comma (,) in a line with 'remoteUrl'.

sed "s/\('remoteUrl',.*'\).*\('\)/\1staging.zazzercode.com\2/"

s is search, substitute, and replace.  \( and \) in the “old” string (specified first) identify substrings.  \1 and \2 (and \n, up to \9) copy those substrings into the replacement string.

  • Thx Scott, i'll check it later. – prayagupd Aug 4 '14 at 21:14

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