I'm still learning C++, but I know already some stuff. I used to use Visual Studio, but after I switched to Debian, I was working with Code Blocks.

Recently I heard about using VIM as IDE and started using it. Problem that appeared is autocompletion is not working. I don't know why, but recently C-P/C-N stopped working - it does completion only if a particular word is already in the code or in the code of another tab; so every time I start I have to type every first include/cout/class etc. without autocompletion.

I've tried to use YouCompleteMe, but unfortunately: YouCompleteMe unavailable: requires Vim 7.3.584+.

I'm using Debian Wheezy (stable with backports) and it doesn't have vim 7.4 in the repos. I tried to add the repo from Jessie and - using low pinn - tried to install vim 7.4, but it wanted to remove a lot of packages (like g++ and many others), so I gave up this idea.

I'm not very good on Debian, I'm using it for like ~1.5 year, but more like work-machine, not something I need to learn everything about it, so I need some help in:

  1. Installing vim 7.4 on Debian without removing half of the system or,
  2. Make YouCompleteMe work or,
  3. Make autocompletion in vim work (especially for C++)

install vim 7.4 on Debian without removing half of the system

Installing from source is a good choice. Compiling vim is not difficult at all. You can read more details and instructions here.

make YouCompleteMe work

Installing YouCompleteMe need some things more difficult but it's good documentation at YouCompleteMe github repo, try this and tell us if you have any trouble.

make autocompletion in vim work (especially for C++)

Another options for C++ autocompletion is using OmniCppComplete, it's easier to use and install than YouCompleteMe.

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  • Ok, thank you. I have removed 7.3 and installed from source v7.4, works pretty good, YCM is not reporting any error, I hope it will work :) – Photon Light Aug 7 '14 at 7:22

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