Is there any way to run an application scaling its GUI window? (Well, I'm using MATE but hope for universal solution). For example, up scale small window of an old game running under wine on high-resolution display or shrink windows that doesn't fit low-resolution display and so on.

I'm not looking for any way of changing running Xorg resolution. I'm looking for a way to scale specific program. I'm not looking for any type of VM solution. However there might be an X server displaying and scaling applications inside a window.

Magnifying part of the screen to whole screen might be acceptable solution also. But screen magnifiers like kmag is not suitable since it makes duplicate of picture and do magnify its own windows too disabling be full-screen expanded and doesn't support mouse clicks on magnified area.

P.S. Well, if there is no such way, is there a way to force application running full screen?


Came across run_scaled from an answer to a similar question. I am using it like this:

run_scaled some-app

By default it scales the window by a factor of 2, but that is customizable with the --scale option.

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    Doesn't work with Thunderbird, Emacs, or Chromium. – Peter Flynn Feb 22 at 20:57

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