I’m trying to mount an external hard drive (2.5", USB, no separate power supply) on Debian 7, but it gives me (in dmesg as well as when trying to boot with the device connected) errors like:

device descriptor read/64, error -110
device not accepting address 7, error -110

While capturing errors from dmesg, after several minutes, it was mounted automatically and I could copy some files, then it was gone again, after which it mounted a second time (this time for only a few moments). But after that, nothing.

Searching for error -110 leads to several posts suggesting that the device probably doesn’t get enough power. Seems plausible, at least to a layman like me. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a different PC to try it. But as I managed (randomly?) to mount it with my PC, it should be possible to do it again, so I wonder:

Is there a way to give more power to the USB port where the device is connected?

Could I disable something on my system to save power which would then be available for the device?

(I’m not looking for a permanent solution; I just want to get the data and never see the device again.)

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You need to buy a powered USB hub, less than $20 at places like Staples or Best Buy. You're not going to get the system to push more power out of a port than it is already doing.

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