Is it possible to configure where the system will look for the machine if I enter just a short domain name hostname?

I work in a grid environment where the machines are many and spread across multiple domains, but they have unique naming, therefore let say skirit23 will only be found as skirit23.ics.muni.cz

I could configure the full mappings, but that would be a big file (and constantly changing one). Therefore I was thinking if I could configure the system to look into the ics.muni.cz then try ncbr.muni.cz then try fav.zcu.cz etc...


This is usually done by specifying search in /etc/resolv.conf (see man 5 resolv.conf).

Example (no more than six domains possible):

search ics.muni.cz ncbr.muni.cz fav.zcu.cz

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