I'm creating a script which configuration the network interfaces.

The script which generates /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and names interfaces to my preference.

In CentOS 6.5, my understanding is that I also need to update files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth#.

My question is about the UUID listed in ifcfg-eth#. Can I change this value to any random number using uuidgen? For a network device is it important to do it based on the MAC address or does it not matter?

In other words, could i use the the function below, or will modifying the UUID in this manner cause problems?

function make_ifcfg() {
    cat > ifcfg-eth0 <<EOF                                                                 

Thank you.

  • personally i don't see why not, i usually clone the ifcfg-* file and do the same. – Rabin Jul 25 '14 at 10:39
  • Thanks @Rabin. Is it necessary to generate the UUID based on the mac address or it doesn't matter? – user1527227 Jul 25 '14 at 15:30
  • I usually just change one number in the string, using the mac address is a nice way to make sure your uuid is unique – Rabin Jul 26 '14 at 7:14

Yes, this article shows how. Keep NetworkManager in line, in case you use it.

  • The article is correct that uuidgen will generate a new UUID that can be included in the ifcfg-x file. However, including the device name with uuidgen doesn't do anything at all. To answer the OP's question, yes, you can use any UUID value (generated by uuidgen or otherwise). – cherdt Aug 10 '17 at 18:38

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