I want to recreate the gmail archiving method. I sync (using offlineimap) my inbox and my all mail folders, and, by archiving, I want to keep the one in All Mail and delete the one in inbox. Also, when I read a new mail in inbox I would like to automatically mark as read the corresponding mail into all mail.

I tried using the macro index, pager A s><return>y (I have set All Mail folder to $mbox), but the problem is that I get duplicate mails in the All Mail folder. Also, if I try to just delete the mail from Inbox, the corresponding one from All Mail gets deleted too.

Later edit:

Doing some more research into this topic I found that the duplicate mail in the All Mail mailbox stays there for 2 syncs: one to send it to gmail, which recognizes that it's a duplicate and deletes it, and one to delete it locally. So it seems that my macro works, but I would like to overcome this annoying issue.

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    It may be difficult, as Gmail stores messages differently than it is implemented in IMAP. The messages are tagged with folder name on the Gmail server, but remote IMAP clients (like offlineimap) see the tags as directories... Commented Aug 6, 2014 at 6:56

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It's very annoying indeed because offlineimap keep downloading things twice, one for inbox and one for all mail. So I fingure out one trick: I don't sync All Mail at all! Instead I sync just Inbox and everything else.

I am very grateful to know a better way around.

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