I am running Fedora with the stock kernel and I'd like to enable the BFQ disk I/O scheduler, and ideally BFS. I have built my own kernel and that works, though it is a royal pain dealing with the Nvidia drivers.

Can I enable BFQ and BFS without building my own kernel, such as by adding kernel args to grub? If not, is there a kernel package available that supports this?

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There are no bfq or bfs patches applied to the Fedora kernels unfortunately (esp. in the case of bfq). So there is no way to enable those features by adding kernel args. Further, there is no trusted Fedora repository that has kernels with those features enabled. It seems that until bfq becomes part of mainline you will have to keep creating the kernels yourself.


BFQ is now merged in Linux kernel 4.12, as a blk-mq scheduler. For example, this means that you can enable it with a SATA disk on current kernels (4.12-4.20), provided that you boot with scsi-mq enabled. (Current planning for 4.21 is that blk-mq will become the only option).

All the steps required to use blk-mq and BFQ on SATA/SCSI disks are documented in this answer:

How to enable and use the BFQ scheduler?

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