I have a program Vuze that is written in Java, which I use to download very large files, and I'm having a problem with it. I need to increase the amount of memory it uses. I've followed the directions for the application but it doesn't change the real memory usage. I would think this would then be because Java (JVM) is not set to support the amount of memory I set in the application.

I both get errors about files missing and low memory.

How can I increase the memory used by my Java Virtual Machine?

My Java is Oracle. My system is Fedora 20 X86_64 KDE.


You will need to modify the vuze shell script. This shell script is actually a link to a file called azureus, vuze's previous name. Within this script change the line JAVA_ARGS="-Xmx128m" to JAVA_ARGS="-Xmx256m", for example if you want to increase the memory to 256MB. Then restart vuze

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  • do you see that message on console output when you run that sh ./azureus script? – Raza Jul 19 '14 at 11:50
  • The messages are a Vuze messages. They come in the lower right corner of the application. – somethingSomething Jul 19 '14 at 11:54

I found the solution to my problem here.

The workaround: I increased the memory used to 1024M with these instructions. I set the "Maximum files opened for read/write" to a 101. I ran the application from the command line with this command:

sudo bash -c 'ulimit -n 8192'; sudo -u username ./azureus
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  • I set Vuze to run a different Java when I run it with this command from the commandline, the memory usage was unchanged if launch it with the application launcher. – somethingSomething Jul 27 '14 at 0:26

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