I am planning on logging into my unix desktop via an Anroid tablet. Is there a terminal emulator that will allow me to view images, such as making plots in ipython, via X11 protocol?

  • Though it is not supported for the Android OS, Terminology is supported on most Android hardware. You'll need to install a more conventional linux installation to run it and its enlightenment libs on, though - which is easily done, nowadays. Dual-boots are pretty common. – mikeserv Jul 19 '14 at 7:46

Technically, you can run an X server on Android.

For a bare X11 server, see Play store: X Server for example.

That could help with very special needs, like showing a plot window on fixed screen position with no window manager for example.

You could run a full xsession on that display of course, but I think that is not too useful in most general cases.

You would use a normal terminal emulator, and set the display to your X server. (You could run a terminal emulator like xterm on the X server of course - but the X11 keyboard simulation will not really be useable.)

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