for some reason, my filename completion in gvim is not working. In vim, its working properly. Commands and such are, however, completed correctly. I have set wildmode=full.

An example: Assume i want to open the file main.c I type :op<Tab> and gvim gives me a list with all possible completions (open and options). I choose open and continue to :open m<Tab>. I would expect gvim to now complete my file, what happens however, is this: :open m^I, no completion.

As mentioned, in vim it works perfectly fine.

  • I've never used open; I always use :e(dit) or :b(uffer) (both of which do tab completion correctly), but I get the same behaviour as you describe for gvim with both gvim and vim (:open + tab does not complete anything even with absolute paths).
    – goldilocks
    Commented Jul 17, 2014 at 12:18

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Did you mean

:edit index<tab>

Which completes to index.php etc

from Vim Help

:help open

Vim does not support open mode, since it's not really useful. For those situations where ":open" would start open mode Vim will leave Ex mode, which allows executing the same commands, but updates the whole screen instead of only one line.

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