I'm new to Linux. After installing openSUSE I'm trying to make my VPN software running. I've followed the site's direction:

Unpack the general package [[Other / Source code](https://mullvad.net/static/download/mullvad-43.tar.gz)], install OpenVPN and
resolvconf and start it like this: `sudo python mullvad.py`.

But when I type that in terminal, I get this error: no module named wx.

I have already spent a lot of time figuring out how to compile it, to no avail. Before I turn to another Linux distribution or go back to Windows, it would be grateful if anyone could answer these questions: What is wx module and how can I add it? And, is the tool for compiling it in openSUSE at all?

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You should just install package named python-wxwidgets, which is available in openSuse.

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wxwidgets is a simple tool kit for making quick GUIs.

In OpenSuSE you can install it with the following:

zypper in python-wxWidgets as root

After that, you'll be able to run it with no problem.

If you are still having problems, make sure the "openSUSE-*-Oss" repo is enabled. Where * is your distro number.


You want wxpython, which apparently isn't available for openSUSE. You can follow instructions on their website to build it from source. Roughly:

$ ./configure --with-gtk
$ make
$ su
# make install
# ldconfig
  • It is available, it just needs to be installed. It is called python-wxWidgets. – SailorCire Jul 16 '14 at 21:32

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