Will Wayland, unlike X, be able to "know" about a full screen app, and not fire up the screensaver? I remember reading up on this, and X (or present KWin/Compiz) cannot know or be told when to hold off on a screensaver.

UPDATE: Apparantly my source was a bit one-sided, and X can be told to hold off the screensaver. This new fact turns my question into this: can Wayland be told there is a full-screen app and do the necessary things, without explicitely telling it to back off on the big red "Start Screensaver" button?


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I believe that this phoronix article has some answers for you about wayland and screensaver.

This article mainly says that it will be more integrated :

it can ensure that no window can appear atop the screensaver surface, it can properly detect idling and grabs already, and has complete control over the screen. Unlike the X design, there wouldn't even need to be a screensaver "window" that's on top but the compositor could just keep painting a black screen.

It seems to have been implemented 3 months ago. He writes that :

This also causes properly written animating clients to stop rendering, and we can hit zero CPU usage, even when there is a screensaver active.

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