I have this Epson L355 printer and according to www.openprinting.org I need to use the epson-201207w driver; however, on the CUPS config panel at http://localhost:631, the list of drivers only displays names like Epson E 300, Epson EM 900C, etc, but not Epson L355 nor even Epson L300 is present on the list. I tried to investigate the "human-readable" form name of the said epson-201207w driver but I can't find anything. Is there a way to know, or at least guess it?

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It turns out that I was missing the driver itself, I thought that the gutenprint-cups and epson-inkjet-printer-escpr packages would include said driver but they didn't (I'm against installing packages from the internet unless it's strictly necessary - this was one case - but that's why I didn't install it in the first time). The solution was to simply install the epson-201207w driver package from www.openprinting.org.

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