I need assistance installing IBM DB2 drivers onto Ubuntu.

Using Ubuntu 14.04, I'm attempting to create a simple web page that gets served by the node.js server-side framework. A server-side-javascript will be making a simple query to an IBM db2 9.5 database located on a windows server (within the same LAN as the Ubuntu machine).

I got node.js installed on Ubuntu 14.04 using this command:

sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm

Then, unnecessarily, I added ODBC support with this command:

sudo apt-get install git unixodbc unixodbc-dev ; git clone git://github.com/wankdanker/node-odbc.git ; cd node-odbc ; node-gyp configure build ; npm install odbc

After this, I discovered there was a npm for getting IBM DB2 accessible from node.js

A prerequisite, though, is that I must first download and install the IBM DB2 driver onto Ubuntu.

From the IBM website, I downloaded a file named:


I found these instructions for installing the IBM DB2 driver.

The instructions state:

On Linux and UNIX operating systems, IBM Data Server Driver Package is installed by running the installDSDriver command.

However, the v9.5fp10_linuxx64_dsdriver.tar.gz file-archive doesn't contain any command called installDSDriver and Ubuntu doesn't natively know this command.

Where and how can I execute this installDSDriver command?

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The Data Server Driver package for DB2 9.5 does not include the install script - that was introduced in 9.7. Installation in 9.5 is manual.

The installDSDriver script does a couple of things - it unzips the driver files to several sub-directories, and it creates a db2profile file for bash users.

You have several options:

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