I have a lot of .png images in a folder. Is there a command (or software) that can convert all them to .jpg and (simultaneously) rescale the created .jpg files to 25% of their original size?


Use the convert command from ImageMagick:

convert x.png -resize 25% x.jpg

will create a 25%-scaled JPEG version of x.png.

To do all the PNG files at once, use a for loop:

for filename in *.png ; do convert "$filename" -resize 25% "${filename%.png}.jpg" ; done

We look at every file matching *.png, and for each one run the convert command above. "${filename%.png}.jpg" generates the .jpg filename for each .png: it removes the extension with % and puts .jpg back on the end.

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You could use mogrify to batch convert & resize all .png images in the current directory:

mogrify -resize 25% -format jpg *.png

because it uses -format jpg the original .png images are left untouched
(when format is the same or missing the originals are overwritten).

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