I am looking into building a Linux based router out of a home-built Linux server. I don't have much experience with the software required however. I would like the server to run the following applications

kerberos auth server

Optionally, I would like to compliment with an email server.

Can you suggest a good combination of software to fulfill my needs? I would prefer that the router and firewall be web configurable.

As a bonus question. I tripped over ClearOS while googling my way thorough the problem. But I haven't been able to figure out if it is a closed web-configurable router or if it is a fully fledged OS underneath. Does anyone know if you can get access to a terminal and install extra packages on it? I would have to have a need to install some extra component and be unable to because I installed a closed system.

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    If there is any plan to setup in Separate PC, Use pfsense PC need with 2 Ethernet Port, And its rock solid Jul 11 '14 at 12:12

The Arch Linux Wiki has a really good guide on how to do it with IPTables.



Well regarding router, you can easily configure one in a linux box using the ip route command.

To display routes in your system:

ip route show

To add a default route

ip route add default via IP-OF-GATEWAY

To add a new network


Then firewall you have Netfilter/Iptables, which is a huge topic, you can ask specific questions on your requirements and get answers.

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