I want to use KDE Power Saving capabilities on my Desktop computer, such as suspend and screen-off.

But, I want these capabilities be enabled only when some programs aren't running; for instance, I want the screen to remain awake while I am playing a movie with vlc or mplayer.

For some other programs such as music players (clementine), vms (vmware), torrents (ktorrent), there's no problem turning the screen off, but it is (obviously) not great if the system goes to sleep.

I want to be able to select which programs can suspend KDE's power-saving.

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Caffeine is a great tool that you can control from the KDE system tray. You can manually use it to turn power-saving on or off. An even better function is to list processes that will trigger suspension of power-saving. However, I think that it can only suppress screensavers and suspending together.

Caveat: I haven't used caffeine recently, since it doesn't support xautolock. However, I think the newer versions of caffeine are "streamlined" (i.e. crippled), and I'm not sure if it's as powerful as previously. I think the old version (2.5) still works, though.

Alternatively, there is KaffeineTY, although I've not tried it (I use xautolock, since KDE power-saving is broken for multiple monitors).

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