I currently have a macro to quickly show only new messages:

macro index ,sn "l ^a^k~N\n"  "show only new messages"

However, this macro loses the context for new messages in ongoing threads. I would like to be able to modify it so that I'm able to display every message from a thread that has at least one new message in it. I've read the mutt manual a few times, but I don't see an obvious way to achieve this using standard limit patterns.


Use the following pattern: ~(~N). More generally:

~(PATTERN) messages in threads containing messages matching PATTERN,
e.g. all threads containing messages from you: ~(~P)

Note: you need to take Mutt 1.5.x (versions 1.4.x are really obsolete), even though declared as "development versions". And here's the part of the corresponding manual on patterns.

  • Of course I would be looking at the wrong documentation... Thanks so much for the answer! – Aaron Massey Jul 10 '14 at 22:29

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