Is there a pager that stops on form feeds?

When I'm reading RFCs, I can read them like this:

$ less -z57 rfc748.txt

This will keep the pager lined up with the pages, but this is a bit of a hack, and when I do a search I'd prefer it to line up the screen with the page boundaries. The page boundaries are marked with form feeds.


more does this by default:

Once more has obtained input, it displays as much as can fit on the current screen and waits for user input to advance, with the exception that a form feed (^L) will also cause more to wait at that line, regardless of the amount of text on the screen.

To disable this behavior, use the -l option.

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    Hm, I was hoping for a pager that also had other basic features I take for granted, like a key to go to the top of the file or the ability to search backwards. – Dietrich Epp Jun 2 '11 at 8:27

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