When I build myproject with the command:

dpkg-deb -z8 -Zgzip --build myproject

It packs all files inside the package.

Is there a way to ignore some folders from being packed inside the deb-file?

If I could ignore the folder .git then I could use the git-repository folder directly for generating the debian package.


It is very unusual to use low level commands like dpkg-deb to build debian packages - this looks like a XY-problem.

Usually, you build Debian packages from their source by using high level commands like debuild which then calls dpkg-buildpackage and other tools like dpkg-source. The actual .deb files are created by calling special targets of ./debian/rules inside the package source.

Depending on the package versions, .git is then automatically ignored.


dpkg-deb will build your Debian packages according to the package scripts, so in order to exclude one or more directories you may use dh_install -X .git (adding any other directory on the same line) in your debian/rules script.

For a similar information check https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9451347/remove-svn-while-building-debian-packages

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    The answer is not correct, dpkg-deb checks an existing control file, but does not call any package scripts at all. It is a very low level tool to pack files into a .deb file. – jofel Jul 9 '14 at 15:58

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