We have several Canon mf4550d printers at the office directly connected to Windows 7 machines. I need to print from a Linux server to those printers.

I have installed the latest drivers for my model of printer. I've added the printer to CUPS through the web interface on http://localhost:631. All printer jobs are sending without any problems (no errors in log files), but the printer doesn't print.

Other printers, for example HP LaserJet 3055, work fine. I guess it'd be connected with the port settings on the local machine, because canon has port settings as usb001 but HP has DOT4_0001.

I tried to plug both printers into one computer and in the port settings of the Canon I changed usb001 to DOT4_001. And then when I send printer jobs to the Canon my HP prints the following error:

unable to open the initial device, quitting.

How can I resolve my problem?

My Linux server uses AltLinux 7.0.4 Centaurus (see its cups package).

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