I recently installed Debian on my machine and made separate / and /home partitions. Yet my disk usage analyzer shows that my /home is inside /.

But gparted shows that /home is indeed in it's own partition, and has 500+ GB of free space.

I checked my /etc/mtab and it shows that /home is mounted at /dev/sdb6 whereas / is mounted at /dev/sda1.

I don't understand what is wrong. I'm going to keep reading about partitioning, but I'd like to leave this question here to simmer to see if anyone has a quick answer.

I put translations in the gparted window just in case.

What The Heck


You split your disk into (at least) two partitions - one for your home directories (/home) and another for everything else (/). It looks like you only allocated about 10GB for /, which is now full. The partition mounted as your /home directory is ~621GB, with plenty of free space, but that's not where most system files go. That's the danger of allocating too little space for /; if they're both on the same disk, there's rarely a good reason to split / and /home.


There is a lot of other problems you can run into. In my still quite short experience, I already have had at least two weird ones :

  • Run out of inodes
    Inodes are limited in number, and you can't have more files than inodes, no matter your free space
    use df -i to check this one

  • Have large deleted files... still in use
    I just retrieved 8GB on a server having free space issues.

    The facts : 20GB drive at nearly 100% used, but only 12GB visible when using df -h on /

    The solution ? Simply reload apache (not even restart !).
    The 6GB log file I deleted one month before was still opened by apache process, and thus, disk space wasn't free. Use lsof -nP | grep '(deleted)' to check for such files.

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