I have installed aspell-en and aspell-de. I have expected this will give me the choice between en and de languages. However, the package has installed many versions of en and de languages and now when I want to select my spell language, I get too many to choose from.

  • Is it possible to configure somewhere, which languages are offered/displayed?
  • Can I limit the list to, lets say only en_US and de_CH ?

I am sure I will never need de_LI and besides, I don't see any reason why de_LI should be a separate language anyway.

I am using Debian Wheezy.

Available languages

  • Deleting files from system directories is a very bad idea. This can break your system (probably not here), break upgrades, and changes will be overridden by the upgrade (or reinstallation) of the packages. The usual solution is to move the config to the user's home directory (or under /usr/local, depending on the context). – vinc17 Jul 11 '14 at 21:26

I would suggest you to change the data-dir directory to one of your own, say /path/to/lib/aspell. Create (or modify) the file ~/.aspell.conf with:

data-dir /path/to/lib/aspell

Then do the following:

mkdir /path/to/lib/aspell
cd /path/to/lib/aspell
ln -s /usr/lib/aspell/* .
rm *.alias *.multi

Then for the dictionaries you want, add .multi files based on what is in /usr/lib/aspell (recurse on the .multi files and include the .rws ones). For instance, in my case, en.multi contains:

add en-common.rws
add en-wo_accents-only.rws

and fr_FR.multi contains:

add fr-40-only.rws
add fr-60-only.rws

And I have only 2 dictionaries:

$ aspell dicts

instead of the 48 that are installed.

Tested on a Debian/unstable machine. I don't know whether there are better solutions...

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