I'm using Gnome Keyring with GPG. Whenever I need to sign something, the keyring daemon takes over and does it for me.

However, if I do: export GNUPGHOME=/path/to/keyring from a Bash script and use gpg in that script, the keyring daemon doesn't take over.

Why is this? How can I change this, so that the keyring is used for other $GNUPGHOMEs as well?

If I run seahorse, I can see that the password for the keys that exists in /path/to/keyring is there.


Solved it!

The problem was that the option use-agent wasnt enabled.

I had previously uncommented use-agent in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf to be able to use the keyagent for my default keyring.

BUT, since I changed the homedir of the keyring, gpg was looking for a config in /path/to/keyring/gpg.conf instead and found nothing, since I only moved pubring.gpg and secring.gpg when I exported the keyring.

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