I have a script which is running some of (more than 15) applications like:

cd mypath
sleep 1
gnome-terminal -t App1 --tab -e "./App1" 
sleep 1
gnome-terminal -t App2 --tab -e "./App2" 
sleep 1
gnome-terminal -t App15 --tab -e "./App15"  

As you can notice this will start apps in 15 different terminals.

Now what happens is when I kill any ./AppX by Ctrl+C, for any reason, it terminates the program as well as exits that terminal.

What I want is when I press Ctrl+C it should only terminates the ./AppX, but terminal still remain open, that is beacause when I want to start that AppX again I should press only Up Arrow key and Enter.

Got the Answer :: see the accepted answer from askubuntu.com.

Another question is : How do I execute more than one command like following:

gnome-terminal -e "sleep 1; AppX"  

which is NOT working, I tried various other methods (&, &&, |) but all failed.

  • No, its still terminating the terminal, when I press Ctrl+C. – TPS Jun 28 '14 at 6:35
  • Do you want to execute each command in different tab? or more than one command in single tab? – Pandya Dec 21 '15 at 10:54
  • each command in different tab – TPS Dec 21 '15 at 11:01

The following command will open new terminal with 15 tabs in multi-gnome-terminal:

cd mypath
multi-gnome-terminal \
  --add-tab -tname App1 --tcommand "./App1" \
  --add-tab -tname App2 --tcommand "./App2" \
  --add-tab -tname App15 --tcommand "./App15" \

If you really need those sleeps, you can incorporate them:

cd mypath
multi-gnome-terminal \
  --add-tab -tname App1 --tcommand "sleep 1; ./App1" \
  --add-tab -tname App2 --tcommand "sleep 2; ./App2" \
  --add-tab -tname App15 --tcommand "sleep 15; ./App15" \

And if you need to dynamically change count/list of commands you are about to launch, you can use the following:

cd mypath
cmd=("${cmd[@]}" --add-tab -tname App1 --tcommand "sleep 1; ./App1")
cmd=("${cmd[@]}" --add-tab -tname App2 --tcommand "sleep 2; ./App2")
cmd=("${cmd[@]}" --add-tab -tname App15 --tcommand "sleep 15; ./App15")
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  • thanks, but it's not working as per my requirements. – TPS Jul 4 '14 at 3:44

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