I want to open a Pidgin account.

My OS is Scientific Linux 6 just in case that's an issue.

I clicked on 'Add' and the first thing to select is Protocol.

The contents of the list are:

MySpaceIM,QQ,SIMPLE,Sametime,XMPP,Yahoo,Yahoo Japan,Zephyr.

I use gmail but it is not on the dropdown list.

I don't use anything else on that list.

Which Protocol should I choose?


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The application Gmail uses for chat is actually GoogleTalk (or Hangouts, or whatever they've rebranded it to this week); from there, it's quite simple to deduce that the protocol you want is, in fact, GoogleTalk. (And no, I'm not just deducing the answer; I use Pidgin for Google chat almost exclusively, and this is how I always set it up.)

Worth noting that under the hood it's just XMPP, and before Pidgin added GoogleTalk as a "protocol" you would actually use that one; rumor has it you still can, but I've never had any luck, and just using GoogleTalk is simpler. (As an aside, Facebook's the same in this respect.)


Google has announced that XMPP access will cease in June 2022. (I can not find the announcement now) (Facebook stopped using XMPP a bunch of years ago)

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