If I have numerous jobs that rely on environment variables, how can I submit them sequentially? Here is my attempt that has not been working, week 6 is always submitted (and finishes) before week 5.


    (export id=me;
     export pass=welcome;
     export week=5;
     sas -log $HOME/logs/log$week.log sasjob.sas > /dev/null;
     export week=6;
     sas -log $HOME/logs/log$week.log sasjob.sas > /dev/null;
    ) &

I need the statements to run in exact sequential order on completion.


If I understand this correctly the following should do it:

for week in 5 6 ; do
    id=me pass=welcome week=$week \
        sas -log "$HOME/logs/log${week}.log" sasjob.sas
done >/dev/null &
  • I am still having difficulty getting this to work, I suspect because the job is that is being exited with jobcode 0 is really the submission of the script to sas... not the actual job itself. Do you see a reason this would/would not be the case? – mlegge Jun 23 '14 at 16:49
  • @mkemp6 - I'm sorry but I don't really. I was just trying to help. What happens if you remove the & and wrap the whole thing in { ... ; } &? As far as sas goes in particular, I'm a deadend for info there. I can usually help to some degree with shell stuff, but not much otherwise. – mikeserv Jun 23 '14 at 17:03

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