I have 100+ boxes running FreeBSD 8.4 amd64 RELEASE (p9) with the same configuration.

And only one of them sometimes behaves strangely: load average (generally 4~6, it's ok course box have 8 CPU cores) grows up to 30-40, system running slow and top starts to print kvm_open: cannot open /proc/[some_numbers]/mem messages. When load average goes down, such messages not appears anymore.

The question is not how to fight with high la, but what does kvm_open: cannot open /proc mean? System does not running out of memory, as I see.


It's caused by the process exiting between top getting the process list and top trying to get info on that particular process. It's more common on a very busy box but generally safe to ignore. You might consider it a bug, you might not.

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