How do I get the average CPU percentage (for every second) consumed by a single process since it starts until it ends (exists)? Could I make this with Top?


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You can use the ps utility for this.

To see the lifetime CPU usage percentage of a single process, you can do:

ps h -p $PID -o %cpu 

To see the CPU percentage of all running processes, you can do something like:

ps ax -o pid,%cpu,comm

A way of doing it is to write a small Bash script that:

  • takes the process/command name of interest as sole argument, $arg1
  • extracts the PID for that process with an adequate ps | grep or a ps | awk
  • keeps the PID-number in $arg2
  • runs a cron job on the second with an executable based on a
    ps -eo pcpu,cmd | egrep $arg1 >> logfile-$arg2
  • conditions the cron job's termination to whether the process still exists, (just test for the PID number you stored in $arg2)
  • exits when the test PID does not show up anymore in the output of ps

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