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I mounted an NFS filesytem from the shell using the code:

LINE='nfs.francky.me:/export/beatdb /beatdb nfs tcp,intr,rw 0 0'
grep "$LINE" /etc/fstab >/dev/null || echo $LINE >> /etc/fstab
mkdir /beatdb
mount -a # Remount /etc/fstab Without Reboot in Linux

How can I determining which version of the NFS protocol is in use?

I tried using nfsstat -c as well as rpcinfo -p nfs.francky.me, my understanding is that the latter shows that the server supports version 2 and 3 of the NFS protocol, but I don't know which one is been used. I don't have access to the NFS server so I am looking for a solution client-side.

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