Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon Edition.

I want to create a keyboard shortcut involving the mouse. Specifically, I want to make it so clicking Alt, right-click, and dragging my mouse allows me to resize the current window.

I've gone to Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts > Windows > Resize window > Keyboard bindings, and clicked on the default "Alt-F8" entry so that I can set a new entry, and tried to use my mouse while setting one, but it is not captured.

So I opened up dconf-editor and tried setting org.cinnamon.muffin.keybindings.begin-resize to <Alt>Mouse2, <Alt>Mouse_2, <Alt><Mouse2>, <Alt><Mouse_2>, <Alt>Secondary, <Alt><Secondary>, and none of these worked.

What is the "code" for the right mouse button for these keybindings? Where is the documentation for these keybinding "codes"? Thanks!


This does not actually answer my question (I still do not know the keybindings syntax for a right mouse click), but this did solve my problem, so I'm leaving this here for anyone who stumbles across it in the future:

gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences resize-with-right-button true

Apparently there is a setting for holding alt, right-clicking a window and resizing it. The above command enables it.

  • You should actually leave it as a comment or even make different question, since This does not actually answer my question. The issue is that it shows this as a question with one unaccepted answer. As the unaccepted answers phenomenon is common these days, the ones, who know the answer may skip the question when they see it having 1 answer. I'm leaving it here as I'm struggling to find the solution just as you are. May 22 '19 at 14:53

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